Party With Ronnie

Everyone knows nobody gets the party started like your favorite guidos and guidettes from the Jersey Shore! Nothing pumps them up more than Ronnie’s famous Ron Ron Juice. Now YOU have the opportunity to turn your tired vodka sodas into a blast in a glass. Enough with the skinny, tasteless, overdone drink mixes that you’ve pre-partied with a million times. Give your inner party animal some FLAVOR. So good, you won't even taste the trouble you’re about to get into.

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The Break Down

The Man with the Juice

Being of Italian-American and Puerto Rican Descent, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro knows how to bring life to a party. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Ronnie came into his own working in real estate with his father before reaching worldwide fame by joining the Jersey Shore cast in 2009. The young entrepreneur then used his new found fame to explore business ventures outside of the spotlight such as his T-shirt line “Jersey Laundry”, and of course Ron Ron Juice. Buy It

The Party


“I have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic Ron Ron Juice. I make the non-alcoholic bc obviously Jersey Shore has a younger crowd than most people expect. It’s like on NYE the kids gets apple cider instead of champagne. Now at a BBQ kids can feel cool drinking Ron Ron Juice like their parents or siblings.”

“Right now I am really excited about the Ron Ron Juice because it’s something I care about and I feel has great potential and I’m excited to finally give all the fans what they been asking for! Now everyone can enjoy the Jersey Shore experience.”

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Ron Ron Juice History

The drink and the name have now become so popular a Google search of “Ron Ron Juice” yields over 1.7 million results. Ron Ron Juice was introduced to the masses in the very first episode of the hit show.

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Why a mix and not a cocktail?

Because why limit yourself to just one type of liquor? Ronnie’s all about making it your own. If you’re a tequila drinker, Rum drinker, Vodka drinker; or maybe not a drinker at all and still wanna join the party, the choice in preparation is up to you. Just add your favorite liquor (or none at all) and consider your drink made. Throw some ice in a blender with it if you’re feeling tropical or just let it ride on the rocks.

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Original Ron Ron Juice

The big dog in the house is Ronnie’s classic version of Ron Ron Juice, a mixture of watermelon, cherry and cranberry flavoring in addition to a few other secret ingredients that will get your mouth watering and your fist pumping.